Koshi Tappu


The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a preserved wetland in Nepal’s eastern region. It is located in the floodplains of the Sapta Koshi River and encompasses an area of 68 square miles (the largest river in Nepal). This region has attracted significant numbers of domestic and foreign tourists since its establishment in 1976. As a result, the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Tour is one of Nepal’s most popular excursions.

It is 347 kilometers east of Kathmandu Valley. The endangered wild water buffalo (Arna in Nepali) species may be found in the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. In addition, this nature reserve is home to 31 animals, 485 birds, 200 fish, and other species.

Overall Koshi Tappu area is full of deciduous riparian forest, grasslands, rich swampy vegetation, etc. Recorded about 514 species of plant and vegetation; most common ones include sugarcane, kapok, reed, eelgrass, etc.

Touring around Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve offers a unique exploration of the land and water ecosystem of Nepal. You can enjoy a boat ride on The Sapta Koshi River; and take a glimpse of Gangetic dolphins, sunbathing crocodiles, and gharials, etc.

Key Attractions

  • The Sapta Koshi is one of the three main tributaries of the Ganges- Rapid and intense flooding of the reserve, occur during the rainy season. Embankments have been constructed parallel to the river to control the flooding.
  • The Saptakoshi River is one of the major tributaries of Ganges which is present near wildlife reserve. It’s the reserve which holds the largest number of wild water buffalo in Nepal
  • This site is important from the viewpointof avian creatures. Its enlisted as the Important Bird Areas of Nepal.
  • Its enlisted as the first Ramsar site of Nepal introducing it as the important wetland destination area for the migratory birds.
  • Some of the flagship species found in the reserve are the globally threatened wild water buffalo called ‘arna’ in Nepal (Bubalus bubalis arnee), the Gangetic dolphin (Platanista gangetica) and endemic fish species (Barilius jalkapoorei and Pseudeutropius murius). Other globally threatened fauna include nilgai, smooth-coated otter, and red-crowned roof turtle.
  • Bird watching, Vehicle safaris, River safaris, Boating rafting.


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Koshi Tappu

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